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Adding Video to Your Webpage

There are a couple of options to adding video to a webpage. Let's look at two of them.

One option is to link to the file like this:

View the First Helmet video here.

This option works well and is very simple. If your visitor has the right kind of player then the file opens and plays. Sound works the same way. What you lose is the obvious message that there is a video to watch.

A modification of this method is to take a video screenshot (or any image) and link to the file from the image.

Click the image to view the video.

More visually appealing and has a greater chance of getting your visitor to actually watch the video.

The third option that we will review today is EMBEDDING a video in your page. This gives you, the designer, more control over the presentation of your video clip and makes the video very obvious to your visitor. NOTE that more and more people will expect a layout similar to youtube.com and Google video.

Here's the code that I inserted into the table:

<embed src="video/firsthelmet.wmv" autostart="false" height="280" width="300></embed>

You can replace video/firsthelmet.wmv with your folder/filename. I made autostart false to give my visitor control. It can be VERY annoying to have audio start on a page without your control.

More about these options here:




Details on using OBJECT and EMBED tags.