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Mapping 1800 to 1861

Each student will map a different even/person/place relevant to US history from 1800-1861. These points will be available as a Google Earth placemark resulting in a geographic timeline of this period.

Part 1 - Create a Google account

1. Visit maps.google.com and click "Sign in"
2. If you already have a Google account then just sign in. If not, create a Google account.
3. Create a practice map - we will do this as one happy group.

Part 2 - Mapping History

For each of your selected people, places, events or other create a Google placemark using the following guidelines. To see a sample map click right here.

1. Create the map's placemark in the location most relevant or appropriate for your topic.
2. Title your map like this "Date - Subject" (1941 - Pearl Harbor attack OR 1963 - JFK Assassinated). You get the idea.
3. Your description should include the following information written in your own words.

  • description of the person, place or thing
  • a larger discussion of the role or place that your topic has in American history. Discuss long term affects and what other events were put in motion by your topic.
  • a link to one or more images related to your topic
  • links to the online resources that you used - you may not use Wikipedia for this assignment
  • your name

Part 3 - Completing your assignment

Use the "send" link at the top of your map to email me your link - send it to rod@rodmilstead.com.