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Manifest Destiny

1. Read the Introduction Section ONLY on the PBS Page: "Manifest Destiny"

2. Visit this site: http://www.pbs.org/kera/usmexicanwar/resources/video_library.html and watch the following video clips:

  • "Two nations' identities: Looking forward and looking back"
  • "The American Indians: Protecting sacred land"
  • "Manifest Destiny and American continental expansion"
  • "The War and Slavery: Some Voices of American Dissent"

The videos require the Real Player plugin -download it here.

NOTE: If you are unable to view the videos at home please join me in room 405 for tutorial on Friday BEFORE class. The school computer labs are available for your use in this, and all, assignments.

3. Answer the following questions in typewritten form. Failure to type your homework will result in a loss of credit. Homework must be printed before class begins for full credit.

1. What are some of the major components of the idea of Manifest Destiny?

2. What did the 19th century Americans value? Where did they look for their national identity?

3. What was the Indian perspective? What did the Indians value? Where did they look for their national identity as a people?

4. Compare the ideas expressed by Manifest Destiny, as well as those expressed in ""The War and Slavery: Some Voices of American Dissent", to more recent wars fought by the U.S. What themes continue into the 20th Century, or do not, and why?

Questions? Email me at rod@rodmilstead.com. Do not wait until class to tell me that you could not complete this assignment.