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World War II Posters- Messages to the Homefront

"One front and one battle where everyone in the United States - every man, woman, and child - is in action. That front is right here in our daily lives." President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in an address to the nation, April, 1942

During World War II a significant effort was made to encourage American's on the homefront to produce more, spend less, use resources wisely and avoid anything that could benefit or support the enemy. Thousands of posters were made to graphically deliver these messages to the homefront.

Choose four three posters from this online resource: http://americanhistory.si.edu/victory/index.htm#Contents
Note that there are six different sections to choose from; take the time to review each section before you choose your posters.

This assignment should be written in Microsoft Word.

For each poster please include the following information and answer these questions:
1) Include the image of the poster.
2) Describe what you see in the poster.
3) What is your first reaction to the poster?
4) What group or type of person do you think would find the poster's message most appealing?
5) What does the poster urge people to do? What emotion does it convey?
6) How do you think the poster's message would be received by a 21st century American audience? It might he helpful to imagine that the poster is supporting the war effort in the current conflict in Iraq.

All answers should be in your own words unless the source it cited. Plagiarism will result in a zero.

Print out your assignment.