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World War II- The Home front

While WW2 is often framed by images and descriptions of battles in Europe and the Pacific, Americans experienced vast changes at home. With significant numbers of young men serving in the armed forces, society changed for many other demographics. For some, new opportunities were created that never existed before and changed the face of America. For others, increased discrimination and denial of Constitutional rights would affect generations to follow.

Your group's assignment is to tell the story of these changes. Each project group be given a focus to better aid you in researching and developing your final product.

>go beyond the level of the textbook and Wikipedia.
>include personal experiences and anecdotes that underscore what life was like during the war for your group. While these resources can be found online, groups that conduct their own first-person interviews will be noticed.
>provide information about how your focus group was treated, both by American culture as well as the government. The Bay Area folks should focus on how the war changed the Bay Area.
>focus on the years 1941-45 but include information related to the years just before the war.

The form of the final product is up to you. The final product must involve equal work by all group members and be in a format that can be presented to the class as a whole. Options include:
>a short dramatic piece or series of skits presented to the class
>a video created by the group
>a PowerPoint presentation
>a web site
>a class lesson, including presentation of materials to the class, followed by guided debate or discussion.