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MarinShip Sausalito Extra Credit Assignment

This is a maximum 50 point extra credit assignment. You will receive a grade based on the quality of your completed work. This is not a required assignment.

Visit the MarinShip Exhibit at the Bay Model Visitor Center in Sausalito and provide me with the following:

1. Find five artifacts or exhibit s that interest you. For each artifact or exhibit object, describe it in detail and explain how it was used and by whom. Take a picture or sketch the object. Describe why you are selected this object. This should be at least a page long, double spaced in total. Please type your responses. Each student must complete this on their own.


Provide the same description of five artifacts in a thoughtful and engaging edited video. If you choose the video option you may work with ONE other student and both of you will receive the same extra credit grade.

2. Bring an exhibit brochure signed by one of the docents working at the visitor center.

3. Provide me with a photo of you in the MarinShip exhibit (unless you appear in the video). This may be a group photo.

This assignment must be completed by May 19th.

Exhibit hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday & Mondays Closed

Directions to the exhibit.

While you are in Sausalito take a ferry ride, see the houseboats or visit a great toy store- you will never go to Toys R' US. again.

This is not a school sponsored activity and is voluntary. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from this exhibit.