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World War I: Changes on the homefront

America's preparation for, and eventual participation in, World War I resulted in dramatic changes domestically. This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore some of these changes.

Choose three of these topics and explore them in detail by creating a PowerPoint or website. Your choice.

-Great Migration - African Americans begin to move north
-Espionage and Sedition Acts
-War Industries Board
-Changing roles for women at home
-Anti-Immigrant attitudes - directed primarily at German-Americans
-The Commitee on Public Information (propaganda)
-1918 Flu Pandemic

Frame your information in the years of 1915-1918 and make sure that you are nor referencing information related to World War II (there is overlap). Seek the following information for your presentation:

1) describe your topic and its origins.
2) how did this topic affect America socially or economically during the war?
3) include specific examples related to each topic. .
4) how did your topic affect America in the long-term beyond the end of the war?

All information should be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Cite four sources that do not include Wikipedia. How to cite sources: click here.

Your PowerPoint should make use of images, maps, and (if available) video to provide further information. Use images relevant to the time period.

Printing instructions: print out your slides as handouts with four slides per page. Here's how.