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American West PowerPoint

In class assignment - choose one of the following topics:

1. The Myth of the Cowboy and the "Wild" West
2. Native Americans after the American Civil War
3. Settlement of the American West After the Civil War

4. Conservation in America and the birth of the National Parks System

Create a PowerPoint that defines the key events and people involved in your chosen topic. Include a timeline that you create that defines these events. You should pay attention to a diversity of experiences both in ethnicity as well as cultural. Maps, APPROPRIATE video, and audio may enhance the quality of your PowerPoint.

-No copy and paste or plagiarism of any kind. Do not rearrange the words.
-Each slide should have an image and relevant text.
-Images should be from the period and not modern recreations of events. No President Bush in a cowboy hat, Dallas Cowboys logo, etc.
-At least six slides NOT including a title slide, bibliography slide and THE END
-Your bibliography, in proper format (click here for proper format), must cite at least four resources. Wikipedia may be used for research but not listed in your bibliography.