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Thesis and Outline Peer Evaluation

The author of the thesis and outline is responsible for finding TWO different classmates to review their work and answer the following question. You will lose points if you don't find two reviewers.

The reviewer is responsible for answering the questions below and responding to me in an email (rod@rodmilstead.com). Be honest and thorough in your responses. At the same time, be aware that your review will be read by the thesis author. The subject line should read: "Thesis review: (author's name).

Do not answer with simple yes or no answers.

Reviewer's questions below-

Author's Name:

Reviewer's Name:

Is the thesis statement relevant to the assignment? Why or why not?

Does the thesis statement catch your interest? Why or why not?

Does the thesis statement make a claim or pose a question? Why or why not?

Does the thesis statement have sufficient focus? Why or why not?

How would you change the thesis statement to provide any needed focus or clarification? Feel free to rewrite the statement.

Does the outline provide adequate information to discuss and support the thesis statement? Why or why not?

What is the main strength of this outline?

What is the main weakness of this outline? How might it be improved?

What information or sections are missing from the outline?

What did you learn from reading this thesis statement and outline?