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Mini-Essay Thesis Statement

Core to this mini-essay is a clear thesis statement. This essay should not be merely a rewriting of a known event, person or timeline but should work to prove an argument - that's your thesis statement.

So, don't just tell me how the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake lead to the to burning of the city. Instead, tell me how the quake affected San Francisco's various cultures and ethnic groups (focusing on one group would be wise).

Select one of your three topics and craft a thesis statement that is strong and provable. For help in refining your thesis statement visit http://www.unc.edu/depts/wcweb/handouts/thesis.html#6

Ask yourself the following questions about your thesis statement:

1.Can I answer the question in two to three pages?

2. Would someone reasonably challenge or disagree with my statement?

3. Is my thesis statement specific enough to avoid wandering in the course of the essay?

4. Are there enough resources available to provide material for this essay?

Email your thesis statement to rod@rodmilstead.com. Type the word "thesis" in the subject line. This is before class begins on Wednesday, October 31st.