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US History Assignments

If indicated in the guidelines an assignment must be typewritten for full credit. Assignments should be ready to hand-in at the start of class.

If you are concerned about your ability to complete an assignment on time you should contact me BEFORE the due date via email: rod@rodmilstead.com. Waiting until the day an assignment is due to request clarification is not acceptable.

Spring Final Exam Review

Civil Rights online activity

WWII Propaganda Posters

D-Day Assignment

EXTRA CREDIT: MarinShip Exhibit

Truman's atomic bomb press release

Strategic Bombing in Europe

Great Depression Exam review

Just War

World War II: the homefront

Essay Peer Critique

World War II in Europe

Research Paper- 20 notecards due 3/19

Research Paper- Thesis and Outline due 3/17

World War I and Roaring Twenties Exam Review

Experiencing the Great Depression in Rural America

Research Paper - topic and thesis

Depression Era Photography

Depression Era Scavenger Hunt

Roaring Twenties Exam Review

1920's Scavenger Hunt

World War I at home

America in 1900 - Census data

Turn of the Century: People, Places and Events

Fall Final Exam - Multiple Choice

Fall Final Exam Review

U.S. Imperialism - the Daily Pirate

Where is Uncle Sam?

American West PowerPoints

John D. Rockefeller

Robber Barons or Captains of Industry?

Mini-Essay Notecards

Mini-Essay Thesis Peer Review

Mini-Essay Thesis Revision

Mini-Essay Thesis Statement

Habeas Corpus -due at tbe beginning of class October 26th

Civil War Roll Call

Civil War Battle assignment - due 10/17/07

Exam Review assignment

Revolutionary War to prelude to Civil War - Exam Review

Manifest Destiny Homework

Mapping 1800-1861

Colonial Art Analysis

In Class Video Assignment - "Liberty!" Episode 6

Revolutionary War PowerPoint