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Civil Rights in America online activity

Using the resources provided in the assignment please answer each question listed below. Note that you may have to read portions of the text resource and/or watch the video to provide a full and complete answer.

Emmett Till's Murder

1. What were the circumstances surrounding Till's murder?

2. What happened to the accused murderers?

3. How did Till's mother characterize the trial (watch the video)?

Montgomery Bus Boycott

1. What role did Rosa Parks play in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

2. How did Martin Luther King gain prominence in the civil rights movement as a result of the boycott?

3. Why did the boycott have such a dramatic effect on the city of Montgomery? Consider the population of the city and the number of bus riders that were African-American. (watch the video)

4. How did the Supreme Court decision play a role in the end of the boycott?

Southern School Desegregation and here

1. What 1954 Supreme Court decision ended school segregation?

2. What is the key phrase in that decision that reversed legalized segregation?

3. What role did the military play in the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School? What, if any conflict, would the military's role have on the issue of states rights? (watch the video)