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Revolutionary War to prelude to Civil War - Exam Review

This is your US History exam review. Please pass it on to your friends - not everyone has given me their email address. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. We will devote classtime to reviewing for the exam.

The exam will be composed of two parts: a short answer section and a multiple choice section. You may bring in ONE three by five inch index card to use on the short answer portion only. Use both sides of this card to record notes useful in answering the short answer questions. You may not refer to these notes during the multiple choice section of the exam.

Short answer section: Two of the four questions shown below will appear on the exam. You will answer both questions.
1) Compare and contrast the views and backgrounds of Loyalists and Patriots during the American Revolution.

2) Describe two events or circumstances that contributed to the Civil War. How did these events contribute the conflict between North and South?

3) Describe the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. Discuss two of these weaknesses in detail including how these two issues were addressed in the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights. See page 69 of your textbook.

4) Describe Henry Clay's American system and discuss whether or not it was the right choice for America in the middle of the 1800s. Discuss its long-term effects on the nation. See page 126 of your textbook.

These terms will be used to form the multiple choice portion of the exam.
John Smith
indentured servant
Sugar Act
Stamp Act
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
John Locke
Thomas Jefferson
Declaration of Independence
Marquis de Lafayette
Treaty of Paris
Articles of Confederation
Shay's Rebellion
checks and balances
executive branch
judicial branch
legislative branch
bill of rights
Judiciary Act of 1789
two party system
Alien and Sedition Acts
American System
Missouri Compromise
Louisiana Purchase
Marbury v Madison
Lewis and Clark Expedition
War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
Manifest Destiny
US-Mexican War
Missouri Compromise
Monroe Doctrine
Indian Removal Act
Nat Turner's rebellion
Texas Revolution
Trail of Tears
US Declares war on Mexico
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Elizabeth Blackwell
Fugitive Slave Act
Santa Fe Trail
Oregon Trail
John Brown
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Underground Rail Road
Harriet Tubman
Erie Canal
Frederick Douglas
Dred Scot Decision
William Lloyd Garrison
Confederate States of America formed
John Brown's raid - Harper's Ferry
Bleeding Kansas
Sojourner Truth
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Davis