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World War I and Roaring Twenties
Exam Review

Review class notes as well as chapters 11 and 13 in preparation for the exam. The exam will include multiple choice and short answer questions. You will not be able to use any notes during the exam.

World War I - Chapter 11
Long term causes of World War I - know the details of all three

U.S. reaction to the Lusitania

Zimmerman note

1916 Presidential election

Building the U.s, military
-new weapons: land, sea and air

End of World War I
-who could negotiate
-Wilson's 14 points (see notes)
-Allie reaction to Wilson's 14 points

Treaty of Versailles
-long term effects and legacy

Roaring Twenties - Chapter 13
Speakeasy, Bootlegger, Distillery, Protection racket, Fundamentalism,
Scopes Trial

Prohibition- causes and lasting effects

The rise of Organized crime

New freedoms for women - both socially and in the workplace